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Helpful Tips

How to support your virtual learner

Every child has the potential to excel with online learning. Here are some tips to help your student succeed:


Limit distractions

For every age of student, the more distractions, the harder it is to learn. Try to create a dedicated space that is relatively quiet. For younger students, try to make sure their favorite toys are far away.

Allow for “brain breaks”

It’s important to manage screen time. Allow time for your child to step away from the computer every so often. Bits of physical activity during these brain breaks can help reduce anxiety and increase focus.

Establish a schedule

Virtual learning allows for more flexibility, but establishing a schedule is usually beneficial. A good practice is to notice when your child seems most engaged and focused, then build a schedule to match. Also, keeping the same wake-up times on school days helps establish a learning routine.

Provide positive feedback

Most students maintain motivation better when they receive positive feedback. For younger children, this can be a treat or extended playtime. For older students, getting extra video game time or watching a movie can be welcome.

Help your child stay in touch with friends

Socializing skills are a critical part of school, even when it’s virtual. Allow your child time to interact with friends online, or in person—there are even extracurricular activities!


When issues arise, we’re here to help

Please follow the steps below when needing assistance.


Choose the appropriate grade level!

  • If your student is using a local district-provided laptop, please contact your local district for tech support regarding the laptop.
  • If your student is using a Greenbush-provided laptop and you are experiencing laptop issues, please contact your student’s Academic Advisor for assistance.

If you are experiencing internet service issues, please contact your Internet Service Provider directly.

If you are having technical issues with the curriculum software, it’s usually best to contact the software provider directly.  

    • For Edgenuity issues: contact 877-202-0338 or [email protected]
    • For Flexpoint issues:  contact your elementary teacher
    • For Genius issues: contact Megan Dunn at 620.234.0731

Your course teachers and Academic Advisor are here to help with your course content. Please contact them directly if you have any questions regarding your course and the academic content.

For general questions about Greenbush Virtual Academy, please contact your student’s Academic Advisor.