Welcome to the
Greenbush Virtual Academy

A partnership that provides K-12 virtual learning opportunities for local school districts.

About the Academy

Virtual Learning with Real-World Value

The Greenbush Virtual Academy brings the virtual learning experience and expertise of Greenbush to local school districts for a variety of online education programs. From K-12 through adult diploma completion, each program incorporates proven virtual teaching practices and meets state accreditations. This is more than learning online—it’s learning to use online education in the best possible way for your students and district.

Program Features

Together, All Student Needs are Covered

When partnering with Greenbush, we provide USDs with the online platform, curriculum and customization, licensed virtual teachers, a student laptop and technology support, and program administration and accreditation. A Memorandum of Understanding clearly establishes the roles and responsibilities to ensure that your students receive the virtual education best suited for them.

Getting Started

It’s Easy to Partner Up

Step 1

Interested districts should contact

Don Grosdidier at don.grosdidier@greenbush.org

or (785) 979-1495 for more information.

Step 2

Partner districts enter into an annual Memorandum of Understanding with Greenbush to participate in the program. New partner districts need to complete this process prior to the KSDE February deadline for new virtual districts.

Step 3

Partner districts will establish their own local policies for student participation in the program. This includes eligibility criteria, activity participation, and graduation requirements among other local decisions.

Ready to Get Started?